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Happy 26th Birthday Jessica Ellen Cornish

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Jessie J - Hero Lyric Video (Kick Ass 2 Soundtrack)

NEWS: Jessie J’s second album to be titled ‘Alive’



Según este poster, el 23 de septiembre encontraremos en las tiendas ‘Alive’, el segundo disco de Jessie J cuyo título queda ahora confirmado. El disco incluirá los singles ‘Wild’ e ‘It’s My Party’ y también el inédito ‘Excuse My Rude’ que os presentaba hace unos días.


According to this poster, on September 23 we will be able to buy Jessie J’s second album ‘Alive’, which title gets confirmed now. The album will include the singles ‘Wild’ and ‘It’s My Party’ and new tracks like ‘Excuse My Rude’.

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It's my party, I'll do what I want

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Jessie J- Magnetic


NEWS: This TV advert by Boots UK includes Jessie J’s NEW SONG called "Sexy Lady"! The song will be on the second album!!!


Jessie J for Marie Claire UK 2013


Jessie J - It’s My Party (HQ) without the watermark

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